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AISTECH is the brand of XS AISTECH (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD., which is committed to the development, design and sales of air vibration reduction products. Xinshu company has 15 years of experience in the air vibration industry, and has the national patent of thin film air shock absorber. Products are mainly used in the test platform, optical platform, precision equipment and other industries.

German CONTITECH brand is a company specialized in producing rubber products under CONTINENTAL CONTINENTAL, which is also a world-renowned rubber product company. Its products include air springs, tires, adhesive sheets, rubber tubes, belts, conveyor belts and vibration control products.

COMINTEC is a family enterprise with a history of 50 years, specializing in the design, production and sales of torque limit, coupling, clutch and other transmission products, occupying a high market share in Italy and even the European market. The company has the world's advanced processing equipment, testing equipment, the appearance of its products, quality and service life are recognized by customers.

SACP is a brand specially designed and manufactured by XS SACP AIR (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD. for small dc air pumps. Its products cover small DC12V/DC24V air pumps. The manufacturing process of the products is perfect and the testing process is strict.

BAMBI UK is a 42-year-old British company that makes small silent air compressors, air guns and other products. The product features beautiful appearance, economic and durable, competitive price, has been widely used in the laboratory, medical, aviation, precision machinery and other fields.

Slovakia EKOM company is a professional company producing small oil-free air compressor in Europe. With stable product quality, it can work without failure for a long time, and excellent appearance design, its products are second to no. 1 in the European market, and it has become a supplier of many international brands.

FIAM Italy is a 45 years old pneumatic tools, pneumatic motors and automation solutions company, located in the Italian industrial town of vicenza. FIAM products include pneumatic tightening tools, electric tightening tools, automatic feeding tightening system, pneumatic grinding, drilling, tapping tools, pneumatic motor products. The company is characterized by a complete product line, stable and reliable quality, competitive prices of the company.

Dutch GLOBE company is a 45-year-old company, the company's products involve pneumatic motor, pneumatic supercharger and other products, pneumatic motor products have a unique structure, the standard blade motor has 0.4-14kw power, piston motor has 1.4-23kw power products.

South Korea DRMC company is specialized in the production of large flow vacuum generator company, its product quality is reliable, the price is competitive, is widely used in the global market.


SIT - Societa Italiana Tecnospazzole is Italy's technical and industrial brush manufacturing leader. The origins of SIT can be traced back to the production of paintbrush crafts; Industrial application of surface treatment is our current; Continuous technological innovation is our future.
Always follow the manufacturing quality and design
Italian products; We will continue to pursue sustainable development.



Fluimac was founded in Varese, Italy, in 2012. With its newly developed pump portfolio, this young and dynamic innovative company is dedicated to providing professional pump solutions.
For handling difficult fluids at low pressure and flow, pneumatic double diaphragm pumps have been recognized as the most flexible industrial pumps.
The scope of its application is almost unlimited. The Fluimac AODD pump is available in a variety of specifications and construction materials. Almost every type of fluid can be pumped, from highly corrosive acids to highly viscous paints and adhesives to food and beverage products.