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XS service means the terms of service available to any customer or supplier with whom xinshu has business contact:

XS industrial co., LTD. Is a company has 20 years experience in industrial sales, more than 10000 service company, they are distributed in China, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Italy and other countries and regions, and more than a dozen European at the same time, South Korea and Taiwan and other countries and regions of manufacturers have more than 15 years experience of cooperation.
XS has been adhering to the"Business is sincerity, sincerity is far away; The industry pays for the essence, while the essence gains money ."

Pre-sales service:

Xinshu provides pre-sales services such as product selection, replacement, system solution, environmental simulation test, etc. For the products we sell, we provide 2D/3D dimensional drawings.

XS after-sales service:

For direct purchase in my company or buy products from our dealership we provide the same quality assurance and production factories, even if our product is stock products, we also provide warranty time calculated starting from the date of delivery, as part of our product warranty time is 12 months from delivery, there are some products is 24 months. Customers who sign after-sale extended warranty contracts shall provide longer warranty time according to the contract requirements.

Global co-insurance service:

XS company has deep cooperation with Italian, British, German, Dutch, slovak, Korean and other companies. If your products are directly imported into China with the equipment, we will also provide perfect after-sales service. These services will be adjusted according to the problem situation of the product, also divided into free, only charge labor fees, only charge for accessories and other ways.
If the products are purchased directly from xinshu company or distributors, and the goods are sent to foreign countries, we will contact foreign factories or local distributors for on-site services.