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Established in 1977, Bambi Air Compressor Co., Ltd. has a worldwide reputation for quality, after-sales service and service. Dedicated to manufacturing innovative and well-designed products, our broad range is as diverse as the customers themselves. Our policy of continuous development and improvement ensures that we remain at the forefront of the industry. Through acquisitions and organic growth, we now have several specialized departments within the organization, each dedicated to the highest standards of customer satisfaction.


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MD series medical silent air compressor
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MD Medical application oil lubricated Silent air compressor

The MD series has the characteristics of high performance and low noise.
Its core components adopt T75 series compression pump, which can generate 50% more compressed air than other silent air compressors.
And it is the only quiet air compressor with piston ring structure to prevent lubricating oil from entering compressed air.
Extremely low noise no more than 40 db, to give users the best quiet noise reduction experience, widely used in medical, analytical instruments and other applications.

BB Oil lubricated Silent air compressor

It is specially designed for customers who pursue extreme noise reduction and high performance. Running with almost no vibration and noise less than 40 db,
This makes BB series air compressors the first choice for noise free work areas.
Some models have a compact v-row design to choose from and can be placed in areas with relatively limited horizontal space,
All standard models have a maximum pressure of 8bar, but higher pressure compressors are available upon request.
BB series design requires low maintenance rate and failure rate, so as to ensure the reliability of users, and apply to dental clinics.
Booth gas, glue injection machine, pneumatic control, analytical instruments, etc.

PT Oil-free Silent air compressor

Ultra-low noise, running time is only 53 db
100% oil-free design
Efficient dual unit
Standard outlet pressure regulator
Innovative and compact design, suitable for use in space limited occasions
Widely used in scientific instruments, door control, autoclave lock, binding image frame and other occasions.

VT V-type double piston oil-free air compressor

T series air compressor, high quality V double pump is the most important core part, it is also a low noise inclined piston compressor,
In key applications such as dental therapy, scientific experiments, food packaging, pneumatic control, medical ventilator, beverage dispenser, etc.
This machine can be equipped with a dew-point of -20℃, -40℃ dryer;
The whole series of air pressure storage tanks provide anti-corrosion function, and the interior is coated to ensure that the air is not polluted.

VTS Oil-free air compressor with sound box

VTS series air compressor is a VT series air compressor with soundproof cover, which has special soundproof effect.
The aerodynamics principle is also implemented to absorb all the heat through the ventilation design to ensure low temperature operation. It has a temperature sensor,
It can effectively control the air circulation inside the sound box.