Torque Limiter - ComInTec ITALY

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ComInTec torque limiter, Friction torque limter,ball and roller torque limiter, coupling.

ComInTec Transmission Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a branch of Italian Comintec in China.



Comintec was established in 1967 by Dante Cavally, named OMC Snc at the time, and originally produced mechanical transmission parts. 2010, the company changed its name to ComInTec and began to use its own experience and technology to provide high-quality solutions through professional design and manufacturing.

ComInTec Transmission Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. acts as an branch for Comintec to sell in China: friction torque limiter, economical ball torque limiter, zero backlash precision ball torque limiter, ball roller torque limiter, modular large torque high speed torque limiter, motor-reducer torque limiter, pneumatic clutch, axial force limiter; Plum blossom coupling, diaphragm coupling, bellows coupling, nylon tooth coupling, flexible coupling, transmission disc, telescopic pulley, shaft ring and clamp ring and other products. The special parts we produce play a vital role in the production of automated machinery and mechanical transmission machinery. These components can form a transmission connection, avoid accidental overload, reduce machine downtime, improve productivity, and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

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